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Stringing Service

Someone stringing a tennisracket

High Quality Racket Stringing Service in your Area

We offer our Racket Stringing Service to everybody in Vorarlberg. Drop off your Racket and it will be ready within 24 hours. With our quality service we also offer a range of high quality Yonex Strings.

What Strings do we offer?

  • Yonex PolyTour Pro 125 (Yellow or Black)

    • Great All Round String with a lot of TopSpin and Bite​

  • Yonex PolyTour Fire 125 (Red)

    • A String with a lot of feedback, TopSpin and improved Power​

  • Yonex PolyTour Drive 125 (Silver)

    • If you like the soft feeling of the PolyTour Pro, but want to add a little bit more TopSpin to your Game, this is the right String for you​

  • Yonex PolyTour Strike 125 (Silver)

    • The hardest string Yonex has to offer. If you want a hard feeling string, with good feedback this is the String for you.​


Stringing Service: €15,-

+ Yonex PolyTour Pro: €30,-

+ Yonex PolyTour Fire: €33,-

+ Yonex PolyTour Drive: €28,-

+ Yonex PolyTour Strike: €35,-

Yonex String Matrix
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